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This is a place where you can learn both about start-up scene in Vietnam and about my personal development journey in career life as well as start-up journey
I am a young entrepreneurial student and evangelist on the way to make a dent in the universe.
Not satisfied with formal education and internship options provided by university within Vietnam in 2011, I started to create my own path and to leave a trait called “The Startup Of Me”. First thing I did to stand out from the crowd was to stop doing things everyone was doing the same regarding clubs in university, knowledge, experience and network. Second thing, stepping out the comfort zone to find breakthrough opportunity – the game that only the minority can join. Taking a next challenge, another comfort barrier was broken – Vietnam that I spent 6 months in Singapore from Jun to November 2012 by myself to learn about startup scene there and to explore why Singapore is so famous for startup in SEA.
From 2013, I made a bold move to Sydney to immerse into one of the leading startup ecosystem in the world. I have been working on a few projects and startups including AngelHack hackathon, Dolphin Browser, ZeroMail, IMWT and Airtasker.
This is just the start of everything. Life of a startup is a never-ending loop #Flearn. Watch out for my steps ! You can check out my involvement in the startup community here

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