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How has life brought me to what I am doing today?

In 2010, I hit a question of what made me stand out from the rest of my classmate if I do everything the same: career path, student clubs and the same degree. Then I started to spend more time outside study and to get out of university comfort zone to find breakthrough opportunities. In 2011, I was lucky to join an entrepreneurship VYE bootcamp by Prof. Tom Kosnik, Startup Weekend Hochiminh and joined Keewi team with Mike Tran.
Believing there are much more things outside Vietnam – the comfort zone, at the start of 2012, I participated in ASEANpreneurs Youth Leader Exchange by NES in Singapore – the moment when I explore how exciting and active startup community here is. Four months later, I came back to this country.
I put all of my efforts to have opportunities to participate in Echelon 2012, Lean Startup Machine, Failcon, TechVenture and Building Lean Startups and exact 45 other tech & startup events in 6 months as well as to build network with nearly 100 inspiring entrepreneurs. During this time, I also co-organized Startup Grind Singapore events with Son. They taught me many lessons, one or the other way.
Came back to Vietnam in the end of 2012, I did many stuffs to contribute to the growth of local startup community with what I have learned and earned from Singapore. It’s getting hotter day by day.
Feeling that there are still a lot of things I need to learn from other developed countries and successful startups. Once again, I started the next journey in Feb 2013 to Australia which is one of the fastest growing startup communities in the world with a high numbers of disruptive startup to sharpen my skills and expand my network there.
Some projects I am doing:
  • StartupDigest: a system with weekly email that includes list of tech and startup events in Vietnam delivered to you once a week. You will never miss any valuable opportunities again without spending hours crawling the web and socil network to find events to attend
  • SGEntrepreneurs (SGE.io): an online media that covers tech and startup scene in Southeast Asia including Vietnam
  • This blog which I will write about startup and personal development
  • Startup community connector between Vietnam, Singapore and Sydney
  • Project of my life: my career!
To Angelia Le, the one that always stays by my side, the most important part of my life who always comes with me to everywhere in this journey and my life.



  • Gwen: Thank you for asking me this question.
  • Mike Tran: You are a great founder who supports me since the start.
  • Jun Kiat (JK): Thank you my dear friend, you always help me a lots during this journey! I always remember you.
  • Jeffrey Paine and his team: You are the most friendly VC I have ever known. Thank you for all of your helps.