Do you know that there are already 10 coworking spaces in Vietnam. It’s growing fast in the past year one. This is a map of all Vietnam coworking space which is a project I do for SGEntrepreneurs. It also includes coworking space in Australia.

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At the moment, coworking space in Vietnam is still a new concept to local startups. The most important reason is they don’t get the benefit of coworking. The second most reason is they are afraid of being stolen their ideas and products that they want to be in stealth mode. Another reason is the fee for a desk is still high for them comparing with other available options like working at: home, university library and coffee shop. Although there are more events organized at coworking space, startups that join the atmosphere are still early adapters, not the mass to create a huge impact to the local community of collaboration.

List of Vietnam coworking space:

  1. Hochiminh:
  2. Hanoi:

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