If you don’t know, there are many well-known international startups whose co-founders are Vietnamese. I’m so proud that we are parts of talent teams who build amazing things in this world. This list is compiled first by Minh Do from TechInAsia and I curated from him to add more people. Here is the list of Vietnam startups in San Francisco and the rest of US

Name Startup Position
Binh Tran Klout Co-founder
Bill Nguyen Color Co-founder
Nam Do Emotiv CEO
Hoa Dinh Sparrow Mail Co-founder
Tri Tran Munchery Co-founder
Phu Hoang DataTorrent Co-founder
Wendy Nguyen HealthyOut Co-founder
Chuck Lai FoodGawker Founder
Christopher Nguyen Adatao Co-founder
Joshua Nguyen Imagist Co-founder
Brian Nguyen AirBrite Co-founder
Jess Dang CookSmarts Founder
Danny Trinh Path Product Designer

I hope you find it helpful. You may also want to explore who you should know and contact if you are new to Vietnam startup community, you van check out the list here.

If you want to suggest to add anyone to this list, please leave your comment below.

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